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Training cross-cultural church planters within the local church

an adaptable comprehensive course

You are a unique person with a unique personality, unique gifts.   With your strengths and weaknesses in mind we tailor your mentoring experience to give you the best training experience for your future ministry.

You also have your own set of unique personal circumstances.  Because you remain in your home context during the training, we can adapt the training program to suit your unique personal circumstances.  With the guidance of your personal mentor you will fit the program into your daily life.

The Equip360 course covers a wide range of topics specific to cross-cultural church planting anywhere in the world.   Your training will be tailored to suit your cross-cultural ministry experience before beginning the training and with your future ministry goals in mind. In this way, you’ll be well equipped for your future ministry.


Discipleship together with experienced mentors
Learn from the valuable feedback from mentors through the tutorial questions and activities and also through face to face meetings via video conferencing.
Discipleship with candidates and missionaries
Gather together with mentors, experienced cross-cultural workers and other candidates to learn from one another.
Discipleship in a real church-planting context
Exposure to an active church planting work where you'll learn first-hand from experienced missionaries.
Disciple from your sending church community
You will be encouraged to work in fellowship with your local church leadership and be involved in ministry within the context of that fellowship.


Matthias & Petra Müller

Matthias & Petra Müller with Josiah, Phil Joel & Johanna

Lived and worked in Papua New Guinea since 2003. They gave of their lives in order to live amongst the Inapang people in an isolated village location.  Why did they make this sacrifice?  This was the only way to effectively build relationships with the people while learning their language and culture with the end goal of clearly communicating the gospel with them.  Müllers were also involved in other important roles in the field of Papua New Guinea including administration, field consultants committee. Now actively involved in their home church fellowship in Germany, Müllers also are part of the Ethnos360 Germany team and are excited to mentors with the Equip360 training program.

Andrew & Nelli Wilson

Andrew & Nelli Wilson with Deborah and Joshua:

Lived and worked in Papua new Guinea since 2004. Along with their co-workers, they started an outreach to the North Wahgi people where they were adopted into a local village family and lived in the village amongst those people. While learning the local language and culture they built lasting relationships for the sake of the gospel. They particularly enjoyed the linguistics side of the language learning process. It was a great privilege to be involved in Bible translation and Bible lesson development. The highlight of their time in PNG was teaching the people in their language using foundational teaching from Creation to Christ. It was a thrill to see friends from the village come to faith in Christ. On return to the UK the Wilsons continued to use Foundational teaching to disciple people. They moved to Germany 2016 and are involved in discipleship with local ladies and also refugees within their church fellowship in Germany. They are also part of the Ethnos360 Germany team and are excited to mentors with the Equip360 training program.

Konrad & Betty Binder

Konrad & Betty Binder with Noa & Nuriel

Lived and worked with the Calamian Tagbanwa and Cuyonon people groups in the Philippines since 2008. As a family they shared their lives, built friendships, laughed, buried, cried with and helped with birth of children in the village.  On completion of the language and culture learning  they began to teach the people from God’s Word from Creation to the Gospel of our Saviour Christ.  People testified of their faith in Jesus as their saviour.  They were able to involved in the discipleship of the believers. They are now actively involved in their home church fellowship in Germany and also are part of the Ethnos360 Germany team.