Training cross-cultural church planters within the local church

Equip360 skills

On completion of the equip360 course you’ll be equipped with many PRACTICAL SKILLS including …

  • Living in, learning, understanding and interpreting a culture
  • Learning a language (written or unwritten)
  • Analysing a language – Linguistics
  • Communicating clearly in any culture
  • Developing and teaching a literacy program
  • Building bridges for the sake of the gospel
  • Teamwork

On completion of the equip360 course you’ll be equipped with many CHURCH PLANTING TOOLS including …

  • Cross-cultural evangelism
  • Bible translation
  • Foundational bible lessons
  • Grounding in God’s Word
  • Identity in Christ
  • Christian life principles
  • Discipleship

Participating in the Equip360 training program FURTHERS YOUR PERSONAL GROWTH

  • You’ll hear about the least reached people in the world and develop a burden to reach out to them with the gospel.
  • Through an Ethnos360 bible school or another approved bible training, you’ll deepen your ability to interpret the Word of God correctly and apply the truth to your own life. “In order to feed others you first need to feed yourself.”
  • As you learn from your home, you’ll develop self-discipline, a vital skill for your future in a foreign country.


What does the Equip360 training program cost?

The training program payments scheme runs on a monthly basis.
• €69 per month per person.
• €110 per month per couple
Books, additional costs for Workshops weekends and field trips are not included in this price.

What are the entry requirements for the Equip360 training program?

– A born again christian, engaged in your local church.
– Completed an Ethnos360 Bible school training or have an approved practical working knowledge of the Word of God.
– Have a home church that is willing to be your sending church.
– Be willing to live and work cross-culturally.
– Have an officially recognised level of English.
– Completed a vocational training.

When does the next course begin?

The course will start each year in September upon a successful application process.

What is the main content of the Equip360 training program?

The training program contents include:

Biblical foundations

– God’s Narrative – Creation to Christ foundational teaching.
– God’s Narrative continues – New identity and Acts.
– Living in God’s Narrative – Romans and Thessalonians.


Communication foundations

– Comunications and culture – communicating clearly in another culture.
– Language and linguistics – speaking and understanding the language of another culture.
– Culture and language acquisition – Understanding and evaluate any worldview with a handbook tool.


Church foundations

– WILD – how to help the church grow.
– Resourcing the church – Bible translation, Literacy and Foundational teaching.
– Real church case studies – real life church planting and discipleship from around the world.


Contextual foundations

– Exploring your ministry context – research the future ministry culture and context.
Stand-alone courses
– Introduction to bible translation
– Discourse analysis and bible translation
– Defending God’s narrative – how to know the Bible is God’s Word.
– Narrative Hermeneutics – bringing God’s Word from the ancient biblical World to our world today.
– His Story: The rescue – Foundational teaching using simple language.


Lessons from the field series

A series of videos where experienced missionaries share their experience on various relevant Church planting themes


The conversation series

Experienced missionaries and church planters discuss various relevant issues that arise when doing cross-cultural church planting.


Looking at Buddhism

3 part series discussing the belief system of Buddhism.


Engaging the secular world

How secular society views Christianity and how to effectively reach out with the gospel in a secular society.

What is the duration of the training?

The Equip360 training program is flexible, in that the program can be tailored to fit into the daily schedule of the candidate.
We advise that in order to complete the core (10 modules) program in 2 years the candidate would need to achieve:
– 3 tutorials per week minimum
– 1 1/2 hours per tutorial
The amount of time needed for each tutorial will depend entirely on the candidate.

Is the training suitable for a married couple?

A cross-cultural ministry is a joint effort between husband and wife.  In order to work with an Ethnos360 Global partner we require that both husband and wife complete the training program.  How they chose to do the course, by watching videos together or separately, is entirely up to the couple.  We would require each person to answer the questions individually and encourage the couple to discuss what they are learning with one another.

Can I continue working as normal while doing the training program?

Yes. The Equip360 training program is a church-based training program. In other words, during the training you remain in your home context, in your home church and continue to work in your job as normal.

It’s up to you to then fit the training into your daily life and practice what you learn in your home community, church and in your place of work. Juggling your career with completing your coursework is a good training process because it requires discipline.

Who do I contact when I have questions?

You can contact our information email address for any questions or queries:

[email protected]

One of our Mentoring team will be glad to answer your questions.

Is Equip360 part of Ethnos360?

Yes.  Equip360 is a new training approach offered by Ethnos360 Germany.  The program is not just for Germany, but also for the rest of Europe.  All Equip360 mentors are currently full-time workers with Ethnos360 Germany.